5 Things for An Architecture Student

Are you thinking about architecture as your college major? Ever wondered what it will be like as an architecture student? Or you are possibly in your first year of architecture and wondering to yourself “what did I do?”

Architecture school is a very unique college experience and it is definitely one that will have a huge impact on your life. It has its many ups and downs, its good times and its bad. But overall, there are some pretty awesome things about being an architecture student. Here are the 6 best things about being an architecture student.

1. Any time you tell a fellow college student that you are an architecture major, they immediately have sympathy for you.

It’s kind of funny, but almost every college student knows that architecture students stay up all night and work endless hours each week. It’s a mystery to them because they don’t understand how our “homework” takes that long. They see the  building off in the distance with every light on at 2 a.m. and know that it’s the architecture building (it’s like a lighthouse for a college campus). They never truly understand what we do and what we go through, but nonetheless, they accept it and give us their condolences.

2. You are automatically placed into this exclusive and super entertaining club.

Architecture is a unique major in that you get to know your classmates really well, and I mean Really well. You develop a studio culture among your studio year that is unlike anything any other major experiences. Since most of your classes and days revolve around your architecture studios, you spend most of your time with those in your studio class. In my opinion, this is what made architecture school such a memorable and fun experience. You spends hours and days next to these people, you make 3 a.m. snack runs with them, you ask them to take a look at your project to see if it makes total sense or if you’ve gone crazy. The point is, you end up leaving architecture school with life-long friendships instead of just mere classmates.

3. You get a “second home” on campus.

Now some people may argue this one, but I loved that Hale Hall (our architecture building at La Tech) became like another home for me during my 5 years there. Every quarter, my studio mates and I had our own spaces to keep our computer, modeling supplies, drafting supplies, coffee maker, and all the other junk we architecture majors acquire. It was so nice (it’s actually quite unrealistic) and it also reinforces the studio culture I mentioned above.

4. You get to build cool and crazy stuff!

Louisiana Tech had a fantastic wood and metal shop, CNC router, 3D printers, and laser cutters. We got to make some awesome models of our projects and also some pretty cool art installations. Not to mention, we used our shop all the time during the quarters we took our Design + Build studio. The digital fabrication tools and technology that are available today make the possibilities endless for architecture students. So if you like hands-on projects, you’ll love getting to build models and projects in architecture school. 

5. Architecture is fun!

Especially in college. The projects you do in studio may seem crazy, but enjoy them! I mean I designed a Velodrome + Aquatic Center combo in my third year and my husband designed a Museum his fifth year – you probably won’t be doing that in the real world. Architecture school can give you projects that may seem unlikely, but it allows you to be imaginative and to think outside the box. And whether you are in school or in the real world, architecture gives you the chance to create, to design, to take whatever you see in your head and make it come to life – how cool and fun is that?