Importance of Learning new skills

That’s a quote from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern history, Henry Ford. What it means is that you can always learn something new. This is especially true in photography.

Digital photography gives photographers many ways to keep on learning new things. Some new things will involve learning a new process or technique, some are centered on learning how to use new equipment, while others require us to adjust to new trends and needs in the marketplace.

Learning New Techniques

As a digital photographer, you have seen new techniques come around and go around. Photography continues to change and evolve. We can either sit still or keep up.

Not every technique is going to be worth learning to you. Let’s face it, we don’t need to know everything. Besides, if we tried to do everything in photography, we wouldn’t have any time left for our basics.

Therefore, you should do some vetting when considering what to put your valuable time and effort towards.  

HDR is Now a Basic Technique

Bold statement. I should point out that I’m not speaking of that strange, unnatural special effect that shows up in photo magazines. Yes, that is one of the results available with HDR, but it’s actually on the extreme end of the spectrum for this technique.

Many digital photographers are engaging in HDR photography in a more subtle way. A way I employ it is simply to shoot in RAW, and use the depth of exposure in the image files to bring out shadow and highlight detail.

HDR photography is a widely used technique for real estate and product photography. It is one of the essential techniques in real estate photography for twilight images. 

It’s also an essential tool for interior real estate photos.

Think about it…

By shooting HDR, you can overcome the wide dynamic range in interior spaces (the very bright windows and the much darker shadows throughout the room, for example) and create images like the one, which is well-exposed throughout.

Spherical Panoramas and Virtual Tours

One of the other new techniques made possible by advances in digital photography is creating panoramas and posting interactive tours online. This technique has revolutionized the online brochures of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.  

Interactive photo tours of real estate for sale is now an expected basic sales tool for listing properties. Fisheye lenses, nodal mounts, GUI and other stitching programs, all have to be mastered for the best results. But those results are an amazing interactive sales tool for realtors besides being a lot of fun in general. 

Drones and Action Cams

This falls under the categories of learning new equipment and learning new techniques together. We’ll concentrate on the new equipment aspect of drones.

Using a drone and any camera mounted to it requires learning a new set of skills. In addition to the basics of good photography, you also need to learn how to pilot the drone. Some drones have cameras built in, others have mounts for action cams or larger cameras.  

Drones have become a great tool for real estate photographers and for vloggers. A real estate photographer can now show prospective clients a special view of the property. Previously, this was only available to photographers able to finagle a flight from a small craft pilot or be willing to balance their equipment on top of a long pole. 

There are regulations involved concerning drone use. But, that’s part of the learning curve, too. Getting the proper license requires some study and effort, but it’s worth it in order to benefit from this advance in technology.