Creative Garden Photography

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  • Whether you’re photographing tiny flowers or grand landscapes, wandering outside in the garden or bringing the garden indoors, your photography will be enhanced using the many techniques in Creative Garden Photography.


Gardens are everywhere, all around us. In this long-awaited guide to garden and flower photography, noted photographer and author Harold Davis tackles the subject of garden photography with an expansive brush. In this book, you’ll find techniques ranging from photographing vast formal gardens to photographing flowers for transparency on a light box. You’ll learn about closeup photography and how to become a better landscape photographer.

• Explore gardens, types of gardens, and how best to photograph them

• Learn about light, light direction and quality, and controlling light in your photography

• Work with your camera and tripod to achieve optimal focus

• Use creative exposures to make beautiful imagery

• Photograph flowers on a light box for transparency

• Learn techniques for creating impressionistic photos